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When everyone is walking around with cookie-cutter, templated CV, you would need something very unique to outshine them. Creating personalized CVs is kind of the motto of PurpleCV – a brand that has gained quite some attention over these years. For the last six years, they have the company has helped thousands of customers with impelling CVs that can bring jobs.
If you are looking for a CV that truly represents you regardless of your profession or industry, you should check out our detailed PurpleCV review.
Andrew Arkley, the man behind the curtains is the founder of Purple CV. With his vast experience in the HR and recruitment industry for fifteen years, he envisioned helping the mass with his immense knowledge. Andrew was frustrated seeing poorly made CVs with silly grammatical mistakes and lifeless contents. He decided to put an end to the misery of the jobseekers and thus born PurpleCV – a name that people can trust.

The Kind of Services You Can Expect from PurpleCV

With the competition rising higher than ever, you need to stand out in the crowd. In simpler words, PurpleCV will help you with everything you need to get your hands on your dream job. We are talking about CVs, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and thank you letters.
Experience level could be the most impacting factor in professional life. We think the categorization of the service depending on the experience level is a smart move to play. PurpleCV did exactly the same.
There are four different service packages offered by PurpleCV. Take a look at them –

  • Early Career CV package
  • The Next Step CV
  • Advanced Career CV
  • Specialist CV

All of the packages contain the following items

  • CV,
  • Cover letter, and
  • LinkedIn profile

Each of their packages has a turnaround time of two days. However, they are determined to satisfy you. So, if you are not satisfied with the quality they would continue working on it until you are truly happy without any extra charge.

What About the Pricing?

Pricing is undoubtedly one of the most important buying factors for a service or a product. It is true for a CV writing company as well. How does the company fare with its competition? It is a tricky question as pricing has a close connection to the quality. Still, you need to know to compare as you are the one who is deciding to purchase from them.

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
PurpleCV £70 £85 £90 £195
CVCentre.co.uk £99 £199 £399 ~
TheCVstore.net £69.97 £137.99 £142.70 £199.19
TopCV.uk.co £99 £129 £219 ~

It is as clear as daylight that PurpleCV has a way better pricing plans compared to its competitors. If you are worried about the quality, the TrustScore™ of 9.7 based on 934 reviews from TrustPilot should clear up all the doubts.
With such low prices for their packages, PurpleCV didn’t plan to add extra discounts. As for the payment method, you can pay them using PayPal. Apart from that, there are MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Discover, and regular bank wire transfer.

Can You Rely on PurpleCV’s Customer Support?

Customer support is one of the crucial parts of an online service provider as there would so many eager potential buyers with tons of questions on their minds. There is no better way than having a dedicated team serving their needs. Not only it helps one to earn the trust of the customers but also it helps to boost brand value.
It seems like that PurpleCV has got that covered pretty well. They have two different phone numbers for direct inquiries –

  • 0800 228 9003 – toll-free phone number
  • 0203 504 3111 – mobile number

You can also contact them using live chat which is also a great option. Other than that, you could go to the e-mail. Their e-mail address is [email protected]. Besides these options, you can follow them on different social media platforms as well.
They have an amiable team of professionals to tend to your needs and you can trust them wholeheartedly. The customer support team will help you the whole time – before, during and even after the project completion.

What Do the Customers Say About PurpleCV?

There are a lot of reasons to put your faith in PurpleCV. The first one being the very rare membership of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARC). They are also a top contributor of CV-Library Writers’ Network.
However, none of the certifications matter if it has a bad customer review. Fortunately, PurpleCV is loved by users and customers. Almost every single review says that PurpleCV is a great option available for the customers. Check out for yourselves –

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, we loved everything about PurpleCV. It seems like it is a brand you can put your trust in as well as your hard-earned money. The pricing is absolutely a killer! We also loved their commitment to satisfying their customers as they would work on a piece until a customer is completely satisfied. We didn’t find any noteworthy negative sides of them even in most of the PurpleCV reviews. We strongly recommend their services.

Contact Information

Address: Purple CV Ltd, Portland Road Business Centre, 51 Portland Road, Kingston, UK
Phone Numbers: 0800 228 9003, 0203 504 3111
e-mail address: [email protected]

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