The complex and expensive piece of research that is required of students to produce in the course of obtaining an academic degree is a dissertation. A dissertation proposal arranges the various chapters through which a researcher is required to create a pure and meaningful argument which would serve as a response to the research question, objectives and proposition.

Before embarking on crafting dissertation, students are often asked to prepare a dissertation proposal. The aim of this proposal is to specifically outline the research topic and objectives, literature review, research methodology and approach to finding analysis which would entail your dissertation experience.

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Research Topic

Before you begin writing your dissertation, and even before you approach your dissertation proposal, it is important you set a focus on your research topic. Well, this is what makes students feel disturbed, how do you find the aptest topic? We have been told of lots of recommendations from different tutors over the years we’ve spent in the academia and education realm. Our recommendation is for you to choose a topic of your interest, and always follow your instincts. At least, you’ll expend humongous hours on your dissertation and such time needs to pleasant. We are more than ready to help you in choosing the best topic for your dissertation proposal. Reach us out today, and you’ll discover how we can positively contribute to the writing of your dissertation.

Research Aim

Another vital factor to be considered when choosing a research topic for your proposal is the particular area you intend to derive knowledge from. You’ll be accorded with the opportunity via dissertation proposal to research a field in important depth and consequently, you’re probably to gain some theoretical specialization. Please, be informed that your dissertation does not only guarantee you an academic advantage, but also a professional advantage.

Having chosen your topic, your proposal needs a clear outline of the purpose of your academic exploration; its aims, objectives and how it will add to the knowledge on the chosen discipline. It is helpful to remember that your dissertation proposal draws out all the stages that you’ll encounter to research the primary goal of your dissertation. One of the dangerous errors students always make is the failure to identify a specific topic for their proposal, and also the lack of solid and criticality their research suffers.

Literature Review

A literature review is another significant stage in preparing your dissertation proposal. It is an extension of your thesis and more so, your proposal needs to be focused majorly on reviewing the existing academic literature on the chosen topic. It is essential to note the theories and conceptual understanding that already exist have to be criticized by you, as well as building on the existing knowledge.

The excellence of your dissertation proposal plus rationality of your consequently improved dissertation are determined very much on the reliability of the academic literature used, such as;

  • Academic textbooks
  • Scholarly review articles
  • Primary journals in your area of interest.

Research Methodology

Once your area of interest has been discovered and the literature review has been carefully crafted, the next stage which you need to focus your attention on while preparing your dissertation proposal is Research Methodology. The research methodology in the area of your thesis or work that showcases how a researcher goes about in discovering a topic and making valid research findings. Research findings need to be stated clearly in your proposal not only does it serve as an academic requirement, but it will also attest to the fact that the research process is successfully completed.

While making research, there is a set of different approaches and strategies that can be utilized, such as primary and secondary research; quantitative questionnaire and qualitative interviews; cross-sectional and continuous-time horizons. These are all fundamental aspect a dissertation needs to entail. Being at the stage shows a researcher is in chapter 3 and it is quite important to be fully informed of the strategy needed in writing your research methodology before writing your dissertation.

However, don’t be panic; the goal of dissertation proposal is not to examine how prepared you are, but to help you elucidate your research approach before the commencement of your dissertation and we are always ready to help you not only with the creation of your proposal but with the accomplishment of any primary research you desire to conduct.

Findings and Analysis

Another crucial part of your proposal is the findings and analysis. It is the section of a dissertation that shows or depicts your achievement by conducting your research. More reason it is important for your dissertation proposal to offer some detailed information on the findings that are expected to

achieve and the technique you intend to apply in answering the research aims set in your proposal.

This stage of your dissertation proposal should not be lengthy, because you can’t showcase in your proposal what your findings are before your dissertation is finalized. Rather, make your dissertation proposal an opportunity to outline your expectations and means of performing an analysis of your research findings. Remember that, for an academic project to start, a researcher must have been tested with the exercise of a proposal so as to have different concepts.

Discussion and Conclusion

Discussion and conclusion section is the last process of the dissertation proposal. They are chapters which you can apply to mix your research findings, the academic literature and their relation to your research objectives. It is essential to note that the flaws embedded in your dissertation proposal can be eradicated via research. For instance, say the flaws of your proposal and research method approach in terms of your inability to attain sufficient sample for your primary research is a fair point and adds to the greater reliability of your dissertation proposal. A supervisor would not grade you poorly if your dissertation entails flaws but instead acknowledge your criticality and maturity in your proposal by understanding the consequences that surround the conduct for real-life research.

It is understandable that the crafting of a dissertation proposal could seem to be an insurmountable process. This is the reason why we are able to assist you with;

  • Identifying an apt topic
  • Showcasing important research for your literature review
  • Construction of your research methodology
  • Analysis of your findings
  • Structuring a specific dissertation proposal

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