A Guide to Write A Compelling Cover Letter

“The first impression is the last impression!” – Perhaps, this statement is most applicable in the job-hunting scenario. That being said, the perfect cover letter format for resume can be the brightest first impression for you to the headhunters. However, a lot of common people struggle with creating a quality cover letter maintaining the correct […]

Writing a Perfect Resume: The Secrets Behind the Art!

Are you tired of your old job or just setting off your professional career? Then, it is quite obvious that you need to strike the headhunters with something compelling a.k.a. a mind-blowing resume rather than going for typical resume formatting templates. Some of you might think – “it’s not too hard; I just need to […]

How to Create A Strong LinkedIn Profile to Get the Best Job Offers?

Having a professional social media presence these days can help you a lot of landing in your dream job. However, by social media, we are not talking about Facebook or Twitter, you need a better one, a more specialized one – you need LinkedIn. People think creating a standard LinkedIn profile is just like creating […]

Graphic Design Resume: Hack Your Way into The Dream Job!

Being skilled is not enough in today’s competitive world. If you think “I have all the skills I can get to be called a professional graphic designer and that’s ENOUGH!”, you have got everything wrong. In addition to all the skills, you will need to know how to make a graphic design resume that can […]