4 Best Essay Writing Services In UK: Reliable Assignment Help Websites Reviews

The TOP 4 best essay writing websites in the UK for you to discover the hype behind them.

Are you in front of the computer screen thinking about how you can write your essay? Writing a college essay or paper is essential to any university experience. Still, it is not enough to submit pages full of hundreds of words for it to be approved by the professors. An essay must follow a logical structure and a coherent narrative that adequately addresses the topic and assertively conveys the author’s knowledge, thought, or opinion on a specific subject. Achieving the perfect essay can therefore be quite a complex and stressful task for English college students, especially when it is one of the professors’ favorite assignments and they often have to write one or more each week on unimaginable topics.

The fatigue and stress associated with starting to write essays can be a bit daunting and even terrifying for students who often suffer from the dreaded writer’s block, don’t know where to start, or have trouble linking different ideas, plus they have a deadline that seems closer and closer.

However, there are other ways to write an essay or paper efficiently, which seek to reduce the stress and fear associated with the creative process, essay writing websites. These specialized platforms offer academic writing services, simplifying the entire writing process. Essay writing companies connect students with professional writers who not only know the techniques of research and thorough analysis of academic topics but also apply the appropriate methodologies according to each university in the UK to achieve a final essay or paper that meets the requirements of the most demanding professors.

Due to the efficient way they help university students to accomplish their assignments, they have gained tremendous popularity in the United Kingdom in the last few years. That’s why today I examine the TOP 4 best essay writing websites in the UK for you to discover the hype behind them.

  • Ivory Research – the best essay writing service in the UK.
  • EssayBox – #1 assignment help website from England.
  • SpeedyPaper – professional UK essay writers to hire.
  • EssayPro – cheapest essay writing service in the United Kingdom.

Writing an essay or paper does not have to be an uncomfortable experience for university students, even if they are taking their first steps in their careers. They can create coherent, assertive, and original academic texts that they can submit without fear of being evaluated by the most demanding professors. It is precisely what the four options on our list propose. Find out why they are considered the best essay writing websites in the UK, what they offer, how they work, the good, and the bad, their price rates, and most importantly, what their clients say. Let’s start the countdown!

The List of 4 Best Essay Writing Services in the UK

1. Ivory Research

When you enter the website of Ivory Research, you immediately notice that it is not only focused on essay writing but on all types of academic texts for all UK universities, which speaks of the extensive experience of its writers. In addition, this stands out for its intuitive platform that immediately presents you with a price calculator so you can get the budget according to the writing you are looking for, the number of words, the course, and the delivery date.

One of the central guarantees offered by Ivory Research is that the essay or college paper you need will be elaborated by a person with a UK degree, even with postgraduate degrees; their service also stands out for two crucial reasons, firstly the confidentiality they offer and secondly the authenticity of the text.

Let’s see the main features of this service!


  • Addresses subjects from different fields of study regardless of their complexity – mathematics, literature, psychology, law, etc.
  • Deep research on each subject.
  • The writers know different methodological regulations and MLA, APA, or other reference systems.
  • The website makes express deliveries.
  • Ivory research ensures the text’s authenticity, and the only copy available will be yours.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Authenticity.
  • Proofreading.

How it works

To start your order, you must fill in the form indicating the topic, length, date, and type of academic text you need. If you have already begun the text yourself, you can request editing, the addition of citations or references, or revision of the text, depending on the stage of the text. The second thing is to indicate the academic level of the text, whether you are an undergraduate student, a master’s student, or a Ph.D. student.

Then the portal starts searching and connects you with the ideal writer according to the topic of study and specifications. Finally, you receive your paper on the due date, and that’s it.


Ivory Research does not offer a fixed price table. It varies for each project depending on the level, word count, due date, and grade you aim for. For example, an undergraduate essay with a length of 1000 words, a C grade, and a deadline of 6 days may cost £125.00. But if you aim for 75%+, the price would go up to £350.00.


  • High-quality texts.
  • It offers you a free revision period within ten days of delivery.
  • They have the option of delivery in only 3 hours for urgent cases.
  • The plagiarism report is attached.
  • Refund guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • Confidentiality, you do not need to give your name to initiate an order.


  • It is an expensive option.
  • The platform does not have fixed prices.


Undoubtedly quality has a price, and that is what Ivory Research offers students, with an intuitive platform that is easy to use and a precise calculator that allows you to determine your project’s price accurately. An option to keep in mind is to pass with flying colors.

Customer review

“The essay was written very well and quickly. When ordering, the price seemed too high, but after receiving the order, I realized that the essay is worth every penny paid for it:)” Linnett D.

2. EssayBox

EssayBox can write papers on various topics, making it an excellent choice for users. This website provides writing services for different types of levels, so it is helpful for both high school and college.

When ordering a writing service at EssayBox, you can be sure it will be plagiarism-free, and your privacy will be respected. Because this platform claims that all the writing they do is 100% original, they keep all your information secret. According to my experience and customer feedback, their promise is entirely accurate.


  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Native English-speaking writers.
  • Highly qualified writers.
  • Free revisions (if needed).
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Secure payment options.

How it works

Ordering an essay at EssayBox is quick and easy; follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Create an account:

To place an essay order at EssayBox, you should start by creating a free account. This way, you can access their services, review their various available writers and check the types of essays available.

  • Step 2 – Submit the project details:

After registering your account, submit all the information they request for the paper, such as length requirements, citation format (if applicable), and any additional instructions or sources that should be included in the essay.

  • Step 3 – Choose a suitable writer:

After you provide all the essential project data, select the writer of your choice by using the search function or browsing through the profiles.

  • Step 4 – Make the payment:

After choosing the desired writer(s), proceed to make the payment using the option that suits you best, either Paypal or credit card.

  • Step 5 – Wait for the delivery:

Now you have to wait for the delivery of the essay and comments from EssayBox.

After completing all these steps, download and submit your paper to fulfill your assignment.


The prices offered by EssayBox vary from $12 to $60 per page, depending on factors such as academic level, the number of pages required, and the deadline. So, if you need a three-page, 3-day college-level essay, you must pay approximately $75, not including additional features such as a VIP assistance plagiarism report.


  • 24/7 assistance: EssayBox’s support team is always available to help customers with whatever they need.
  • Professional writers: EssayBox’s team comprises the most talented ESL and ENL writers who can complete any academic paper, regardless of its complexity and urgency.
  • Strong guarantees: it provides a more extended grace period for customers to revise their essays for free and unlimited time, with less strict conditions in case they are unsatisfied with the final result and get their money back without any problems.


  • Price: the essay writing service offered by EssayBox is professional; it is costly because it is intended for people who want to pay a fair price for a quality essay.
  • High cost for fast delivery: EssayBox has the option of quick delivery paper requests, and because of the haste of the order, they demand a high price.


After a thorough analysis, we can corroborate that even though EssayBox is not a cheap option, it guarantees the delivery of quality work.

On the internet, you can find several trusted review sites with many positive customer reviews that prove that the company is professional. So it makes us understand that they consider the best interests of their clients. For these reasons, we highly recommend them, especially for students.

Customer review

“Your writers do a great job, thank you.” Raymond K.

3. SpeedyPaper

The first thing to highlight about SpeedyPaper is the ease of navigation of their website, which is quite organized and where they explained their work process, making usability one of their strong points.

In addition, you can view the reviews of verified customers of the platform and see what they liked and disliked about the service, which gives you certainty of the quality of their services. It also has a calculator (which is entirely accurate) where you can preview the estimated quote for the project.


  • You can pay with most cards (VISA, Mastercard, AME, etc.) and with Bitcoin, but surprisingly you can’t pay with Paypal.
  • You can choose the type of writer you want according to their experience level.
  • You can request a plagiarism and Grammarly report, which is expensive.
  • The review period is seven days, and you can only request three reviews at no extra cost.
  • Cancellations (total or partial) of orders are at the discretion of a special SpeedyPaper department.

How it works

Starting an order on SpeedyPaper is super-fast. As I already mentioned, this platform is based on simplicity. They let you see it in their order form, which has only three essential steps.

In the first step, you must add the type of paper, format, and any extra material for the academic work. Then, in the second step, you will have to set the deadlines, the type of paper (essay, thesis paper, etc.), and the academic level involved.

Pro tip: I recommend that you order your work in advance to be more economical because the fewer days you place the order, the higher the price will be.

In the third step, SpeedyPaper allows you to close additional details such as the level of the writer you want to hire (PRO, TOP, or Preferred), summary, plagiarism report, delivery by parts, Grammarly report, and more.


Prices vary according to the number of pages or words needed, the level of the writer, and the type of work requested. The lowest price is $9 for a one-page high school essay with a 20-day deadline. The price will go up or down depending on how you choose these variables and add extra services.


  • The platform has good usability.
  • The calculator is accurate. The price it indicates is what they charge you.
  • Customer support responds quickly.
  • You can request three revisions at no additional cost.
  • The quality is good, even if the work is ordered quickly.
  • Their loyalty program offers good discounts to repeat customers.


  • Unfortunately, they don’t accept Paypal.
  • You need to contact the writer directly. All communication is handled through support.
  • The refund policy must be clarified because it is left to a particular department to decide.


It is a reliable platform that focuses on simplicity and on guaranteeing the excellent quality of the work. So, you must focus on providing clear information and order your work with enough time to avoid overspending.

SpeedyPaper is an option you should consider when delegating a job. Here is a review of one of their clients, who was quite satisfied with the work received.

Customer review

“I was also impressed with the fast turnaround time and the customer service team who were always available to answer any of my queries.” Karen F.

4. EssayPro

This academic writing platform provides its services worldwide. Its main clients are from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. In addition, they have a large volume of work and waiting lists for writers to be checked.

EssayPro is also one of the veterans in the academic writing sector, having been in the field for more than ten years. On the other hand, they stand out for having a website with a good design and usability. In addition, they ask for minimum requirements to move forward with an order, as we will see below.


  • You can choose the writer with the profile you like the most.
  • It has a bidding system, which allows you to negotiate prices with the writers.
  • The lowest price you can get is $10.8 per page.
  • You can apply 10% to 40% discounts depending on the number of pages you order.
  • It offers the possibility to order unlimited revisions within 30 days of delivery.
  • You can cancel the order if: it was not assigned to anyone; if it has yet to be done and you no longer need it; if the content is plagiarized; or if you paid twice for the same order.

How it works

To start an order at EssayPro, you only need to fill out a simple one-step form in which you will be asked to indicate the academic level, the type of paper, the deadline, the number of pages, and other details of your academic writing.

After completing the order form, your work request will be sent to all available writers. They will react to it through a bidding system where you can choose the writer according to their profile and offer.


For the most straightforward job, a minimum of $10.8 per page is charged. Also, the platform has a calculator on its website, which allows you to estimate the cost of the work. However, EssayPro works with a bidding system, in which, once the work details are published, the writers will send their offers. You can choose the one you consider the best and even negotiate the quote with the writer.


  • The website has good usability and navigability.
  • It has years of work and a good reputation.
  • You can access several discounts if your academic work is extensive.
  • Most of their writers are native English speakers.
  • Customer support responds quickly.
  • It offers unlimited revisions.
  • It is clear in the cases in which it applies its refund policy.


  • It does not have a loyalty program.
  • The bidding system and the multitude of offers affect the user experience.


At EssayPro, you can find many of the best copywriters in the UK; hiring them is a simple process. Moreover, if you need some adjustments to the work you receive, you have enough time to request as many as you need.

Its track record and reputation over time make EssayPro one of the big players in the industry, which, as we saw, has affordable prices and good discounts.

Customer review

“I was looking for someone who can write essay for me. The writer I chose was very quick and the essay was well written.” Customer ID: #315358

Frequently Asked Questions

What is essay writing?

An academic essay is a short-written text in which an author exposes, analyzes, and examines a topic of interest to the academic community through coherent arguments. The essay’s purpose is to establish the author’s position on the subject, following an argumentative style.

The academic essay is a proposal of reflection, analysis, and evaluation. It is classically structured with an introduction, the initial section of the text that presents the topic of interest, and the author’s motivations or point of view. A development or body that corresponds to the detailed exposition of the arguments, references that support the point of view, analysis, and critical reflection on the issue addressed “why the authors think the way they do.” And a conclusion after the deliberation made in the development, the author exposes the conclusions reached, defining and validating their point of view.

Under a logical discursive order and with a bibliographical basis, academic essays must always include the sources consulted (bibliography and other sources).

The academic essay evaluates the students in terms of their handling of sources, knowledge of the subject, and capacity for argumentation and criticism, so they must deliver the ideas in an orderly manner and with clear and correct wording.

How much does an essay writing service cost today?

The estimated essay writing service in 2023 cost varies from £10 to £35 for each page. However, it is not possible to talk about a fixed price since this factor varies according to the requirements of each essay, such as the length, the number of pages or words you need, the complexity of the topic, whether it is a simple topic or a new topic with little information, the academic level of the text to write, it is not the same an undergraduate essay than an essay for a doctoral student.

In addition, another crucial factor that undoubtedly affects the price is the estimated delivery time. If you want delivery in less than 24 hours, some platforms could charge you around £300 for an essay of no more than 1000 words. The further away the delivery date is, the lower the cost.

The quality of the text, the type of arguments, and the sources that develop the essay are crucial factors in calculating the price; if you want deep research, chronologically ordered views, and verified sources, you may have to invest a few pounds. You can get a much lower price if you only want to meet or half pass the assignment.

Are essay writing services legal in the UK?

No. According to the new legal regulations passed in 2023, using an online essay writing service for writing and completing your academic assignments is a crime. The reason for the criminalization of this fact is based on the fact that for the legislators, this is a direct and flagrant violation of the code of conduct of UK universities. It punishes the student’s need for integrity, morals, and ethics in attempting to make a text created by someone else their own.

Suppose a student at a UK university is found to have paid to use essay writing services and submit an essay that has been by an expert writer as their own. In that case, they will face disciplinary action as deemed appropriate. It is an attempt by the government to maintain academic integrity in English universities and ensure that every student receives grades based on their hard work, effort, and dedication.

That is why the best essay writing websites in the UK ensure maximum confidentiality of the students who hire their services. They do not ask them for personal details such as their names or ID number, phone number, or others; just providing an email is enough to start the order.

Can you get caught using an essay service from the United Kingdom?

No, although the university authorities keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, it is possible to use essay writing services without getting caught. To do this, it is essential to follow specific guidelines.

When using essay writing services, for safety’s sake, you should ensure that the provider transfers full ownership of the copyrights of their papers to the clients. Because if the texts are original, it will be impossible for professors to prove that you did not write them.

Professionally written essays quickly pass plagiarism checks, and most writing services will grant the plagiarism report that proves their originality. Even to ensure it is real, you can always check your papers for plagiarism before submitting them. This way, you confirm that you will not have any problem, no matter where it comes from.

Also, to eliminate the chances of them finding out that you didn’t write the essay, you should choose legitimate companies with good reputations that guarantee the non-disclosure of their client’s personal information, as it allows you to decide to order such services anonymously. We recommend reading customer reviews before ordering to ensure they are real.

It would help if you were looking for anything unusual, as scammers often post many fake positive reviews on the internet and may even have entire websites of fake reviews. To spot them correctly, remember that fake reviews are usually generic in appearance and do not have details about a specific order.

As general recommendations, please read the reviews carefully to detect these details, read your papers carefully before submitting them, and make sure that the writing style of the essay matches your own and that it fully complies with your professor’s requirements. This way, you can proofread and edit them if necessary, and no one will suspect you used an essay writing service.

What is the best essay writing service in the UK?

The answer is IvoryResearch, as it is a site aimed mainly at the British. That is why it hires British writers who can deal with university topics of the country with more excellent knowledge. This makes it different from all the other writing services on this list that target American audiences, although they can also work in other countries.

This aspect is crucial because students from the United States need help with their essays, research papers, and other academic assignments, and students from England also need such coverage. Although the writing process is similar, students from the UK are likely to want a writer with a bit more knowledge in their areas of study, such as British history, English, and the Welsh legal system, among others.

Ordering your essay from IvoryResearch ensures that it is written in British English and not American English, which is ideal for students from England. In addition, writing college papers is the most vital point of this company, so getting an essay with the correct language will also be of quality.

Ivory Research is one of the most reliable essay writing services on the market in 2023. The team of professionals in charge of this website ensures that the writers produce papers using British grammar and spelling correctly. With this check, they make sure that they make as few edits as possible after delivering the document.

Although the prices on this platform are higher than on American sites, it is worth it because you will be sure that your essay will be done by the best essay writers in the UK. Therefore, they have all the necessary knowledge to help you get the highest grade possible.

Who is the cheapest essay writer in the UK?

Even though many affordable essay-writing services are on the market, experts consider EssayPro the cheapest in the UK. That is why it is the perfect choice for people who need professional essay writing but have a small budget.

This company works through a bidding system, where writers apply to do your work, so you can evaluate each and choose the right one for your job. In general, the more money you invest in your essay, the higher the quality result in you will get. However, some exceptions exist for inexperienced writers who bid low but deliver excellent work.

Therefore, if your goal is to save money with your paper, EssayPro is ideal. Also, the quality of the work is decent, but you must read it thoroughly and check it for plagiarism. A wide range of free online tools can help you, which only requires you to invest a little bit of time.

Thanks to its flexible pricing system, you can benefit from discounts for large orders, extended terms, and other bonuses. In addition, it provides 24/7 customer support and fast turnaround times to ensure quick delivery of your essays.

This affordable site is ideal for high or low-level college students who require short essay charges. Longer and more complicated papers require a higher budget, so consider this before ordering.

What is the best assignment help website in the UK?

EssayBox, because it is a one-stop writing service aimed mainly at students. They specialize in academic writing, such as essays, research papers, and term papers. Therefore, it allows you to order assignments on almost any subject taught in schools, colleges, and universities. They even provide proofreading and editing services for school assignments.

Regarding prices, it is one of the cheapest websites in the USA, ranging from $12 per page per 275 words. Due to this price range, its assignment writing service is accessible for high school, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students. All this without requiring a long turnaround time, as you can even receive your essay in 3 hours, with the rush delivery surcharge.

Unlike other essay writing services, EssayBox provides discounts through a loyalty program for easy payment. Its prices are transparent, and it has no hidden charges. In addition, it has a wide variety of payment methods so that you can place the most expensive orders. Thus, it facilitates your access to quality essays by writers with high academic experience.

This essay writing service has a team of professionals ready to cover various academic topics, such as medicine, political science, and theology. This is why, if students decide to use EssayBox to place an order, provide the requested requirements before chatting directly with the writer to give them more additional information.

Finally, download the paper directly from the website to review and submit it. EssayBox offers you unlimited revisions and plagiarism checks as a free add-on to your orders for complete student satisfaction.

Summing up…

We start with the fact that school is often an overwhelming experience for many people. The ability to write is only some people’s cup of tea, which is why essay writing services can help with essay writing. Many options on the internet offer services adjustable to everyone’s preferences and needs.

The services mentioned in this article are all reliable and valuable for all the reasons we have mentioned. Although choosing the essay writing service for you takes time, it is very much worth it. In the end, ordering such services will help improve your grades and guarantee you a better future for your academic record.

In general, ordering an essay online from such services as Ivory Research, EssayBox, SpeedyPaper, and EssayPro is a very positive experience because they offer competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and secure payments, so customers are completely confident that they will receive quality, affordable, and plagiarism-free content.

In addition, the customer service teams of these companies are available 24/7 to address any concerns or questions clients have, and all writers on their teams are carefully chosen through a thorough process to ensure quality work.

So, once you evaluate the best option, head to their website to place an order. Then you will quickly have a well-written essay for delivery.

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